Bing now started using a new type of structured data markup for important announcements related particularly to COVID-19. These new markups are created for announcements such as:

  • Information on risk evaluation and testing centers
  • Shutdown for local businesses
  • Guidelines and restrictions on traveling

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COVID-19 Related Special Announcement Markup For Business Updates has specifically created Special Announcement Markup for important announcements related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Special announcements from schools, government offices, local businesses, and other organizations that use special announcement may be displayed by Bing. Various information can be conveyed through special announcement markup. advises mentioning these properties at the very least:

  • URL
  • Text
  • Name
  • Category
  • Post date
  • Expires

Below are all the other possible possibilities that can be mentioned

COVID-19 Related Special Announcement Markup For Business Updates
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Markup For Risk Evaluation And Testing Centers

Organizations posting information about testing centers and risk evaluation can make use of two new types of markups:

COVID Testing Facility

COVID Testing Facility
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Getting Tested Info

Getting Tested Info
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Bing uses these markups to offer more information when people search for how to get evaluated and find a nearby testing facility. It follows a certain method when selecting testing details to display

  • Getting tested info markup should refer to a relevant page that clarifies what assessment is required before getting tested at the given testing center.
  • The site must be an established site for a well-known government or health care agency.
  • Testing facility information should refer to facility locations and URLs that are already related to the agency.

Disease Spread Statistics Markup For Government Health Organisations

Government health organizations can markup their statistics data with the help of Disease spread statistics markup which is related to Special announcement markup.

Disease Spread Statistics markup For Government Health Organisations
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Government organizations can make use of this markup only when the following conditions are met:

  • Information provided in the markup must be up to date.
  • The site must be an official government-affiliated site publishing case statistics.
  • Special announcements should contain date it was posted, showing the time at which statistics were at first reported.

Restrictions On Travel Markup

Airlines, hotels, travel agencies and other travel providers posting information about restrictions on travel can make use of travel bans and public transport closure info markups. These markups provide information on guidelines, closure and hours for travel.

Restrictions On Travel markup
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Criteria followed by Bing to select restrictions on travel to display:

  • The location mentioned must be specific for the public transport ban and closure.
  • The specific date and time it was posted should be mentioned in the special announcement.
  • The website should be related officially to a well-known travel agency, hotel, airline or other providers.



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