Google Is Building A Nationwide Corona-virus Info Site


Google is making a website to spread awareness about Corona-virus, and safety measures from the same Corona-virus. Google has collaborated with the US Government for the same.

It will be completely different from the website which was announced on Friday by Verily, which is owned by Alphabet for developing this website

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Difference In Both Websites

Verily was planning to design its website for the Bay Area only however Google has decided to launch it for nationwide use.

The main difference in both websites will be, Verily’s website will only inform the Bay Area resident about the testing locations for COVID-19, however, Google has designed their info site for nationwide use.

Google Said
Google Said
Image Source: Searchenginejournal

Additional Information

Google Siad
Google Said
Image Source: searchenginejournal

Google also mentioned that they will be also add trusted and true information in the search results, and the same for YouTube Search Results. However, they will avoid misinformation.


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