Bing is on the move to introduce a modernized version of Bing Webmaster Tools. Initially, the tool will be released for selected set users and will be available to all users in March. Due to the huge criticism faced regarding the current interface is slow and outdated.

Company Words For Outdated Interface

Company Words for Outdated Statement
Company Words for Outdated Statement
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

New Webmaster Tool

The new bing webmaster tool is designed in a way that is compatible with desktop and mobile devices for better user experience. The data storage has also been updated to boost data extraction speed. 

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3 Key Features Of The First Version

  • Backlinks Report – a new backlink report has been created using the disavow tool with the help of the current inbound links report.
  • Sitemaps – a rejuvenated version of the current site maps portal.
  • Search Performance – current search keywords and the page traffic report are combined to create a new search performance report.


Image Source: Search Engine Journal


All the functionalities of the current bing webmaster tool will be moved over to the new version in the coming months and the meantime users will be able to use both of the versions. Users should become familiar with all of the upgrades in the Bing Webmaster tool as features will be removed from the current version and will be moved to the new version.


You can get access to the new bing webmaster tool by opening either the sitemaps, page traffic, inbound links or search keywords report and clicking on the link to open the new portal.


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