Bing updated its Webmaster Tools by adding robot.txt tester in it. Now SEOs will analyze their robot.txt files to check the issues that are creating hindrance in Bing optical crawling.

Bing Test URL
Image Source – Bing

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Working of New Tool

This tool will help the SEOs to check the and survey robot.txt file. It will also check the blocked URL, the statement blocking it, and for which user. SEOs can use the editor to make changes in the robot.txt file. The test will check the content of the editor, to check the errors on in the URLs.

Bing Editor Tool
Source – Bing

The latest version can be used to fetch the changes if the changes are made from elsewhere. The robot.txt file can be downloaded offline to update the changes. The tester operates as Bingbot and AdIdxbot, user can choose any of the two. The user also has to update the Bing about the changes updated in robot.txt.

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