The engineering team of Microsoft’s at bing is introducing a new Twitter account for disclosing new updates. The new Twitter account will also be used for direct communication with site owners.

New Twitter Handler

@MSBing_Dev is the new Twitter handler where SEOs and website owners can talk directly with bing engineers. The team is opening this channel for the users to ask their queries, to learn new things, to engage with a new audience, and to interact with the engineers who develop the search engine.

Official Announcement

Want to learn more about what’s new with Bing? Now you can get official news and updates from our recently launched @MSBing_Dev Twitter handle. This account is our way to share more of the technology we build and talk all things Bing, directly from our engineers to the people who use it.

Whether you’re a webmaster, a tech enthusiast, or just a lover of Bing, our Twitter handle will be a great place for you to learn useful information to enhance your search-life.

Twitter followers are the first ones who will receive the latest developments updates. Not only updates, but they can also learn some new tips and tricks with some video illustrations.

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Posting By @MSBing_Dev

Bing’s new twitter account is still making its way by having 5 tweets so far. The first is about the feature that has been launched 7 months ago which is of no use at present.

The second tweet was as promised a tip for the lesser-known search feature. Remaining other tweets were about the partnership with Xbox, a retweet of another team member, and the announcement of this new account.

Second Tweet

@MSBing_Dev is not verified yet hence publishing this news on the Bing blog is a good strategy. The account is shown to be registered in July itself.

It might consider as a competition to Google’s @searchliaison Twitter account. Google’s account is run by Danny Sullivan.

Google’s @searchliaison Twitter Account

This account was set up years back for direct communication. But later it has been consider as a news source about new updates or algorithm changes, and any new bug found which is affecting search engine ranking and much more.

Having Danny Sullivan as the official Google Search Liason gives it more authenticity to the users rather than running with some engineers.


Well, this is a new platform for Bing and it will be interesting to watch how it may turn when the regular posting of content will begin.

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