Bing has released a site audit tool to check sites for technical issues that might be impacting the performance in search engines negatively. Fixing the issues scanned by the tool will help make sites more user friendly. Here is how to make use of this tool to scan any technical SEO issues.

Bing’s Site Scan Tool Use

To initiate a new scan, log into Bing Webmaster Tools, and tap site scan feature. A screen like the one below will pop and underneath that, you will have the instructions on how to fill out the form.

Site Scan
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Here is how to fill every field you see above.

  1. Scan Name: Type in a different and a unique name for your scan.2)
  2. Scope: Scope figures out the boundaries of the scan.
  •           Website: Like Bingbot this tool will crawl your website.
  •           Sitemap: Select this if you wish to scan a specific sitemap.
  •           URL List: Select this if you wish to scan a list of specific URLs

3. Limit Scan To : Type in the maximum number of pages you want to scan.

4. Communication: Select if you want your updates from the scan to be sent to your email address.

Advance Settings:

  • Maximum Scan Depth: Only crawl those pages within the specified number of clicks from the starting page.
  • Crawling Speed: Mention the max number of pages to be crawled per second.
  • URL Parameters To Ignore: Let Bing know about URL parameters to ignore so as to avoid crawling the page several times.
  • Ignore Robots.txt: Crawl the URLs without facing any restrictions by bypassing Robot.txt.

Report Interpretation

After done with the scan, Bing will provide a report having the details about what was found in the scan.

reading the report
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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To have more details about the issue click on the visit the issue details page. On that page, you will be able to see more about the issue and how you can fix it and list of pages that are affected due to that issue.

issue details
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Bing Site Scan is now available in the Bing Webmaster Tools, which is free to use for all site owners.

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