Microsoft has incorporated bing with the parent name in the process of rebranding “Bing’. It will now be called “Microsoft Bing” and has a newly designed logo.

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Microsoft Said:

The new name reflects the continued integration of our search experiences across the Microsoft family.

We also believe that you can and should get more value out of the searches you perform every day. That’s why we’re also excited to announce the expansion of Give with Bing, which helps you make a difference just by searching – no need to open your wallet!

The new Bing Logo is not yet visible on or in the search results wheres as it can be seen on Bing’s Favicon, the four-panel Microsoft label is visible at the other locations. The logo was first spotted in April and was then it was also visible in the test in August.

According to Microsoft:

To date, our Give with Bing users have donated Microsoft Rewards points valued at over $1 million for these nonprofit organizations, and we are excited to see how much more money we can donate!

We also received a lot of requests for Give with Bing to be available to more people around the world; we’re happy to announce today that Give with Bing is live in seven more markets beyond the United States (UK, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain), bringing these donation opportunities to more people across the globe.

Users which are interested in Microsoft Rewards and already enrolled have to turn on Give Mode in their Rewards dashboard and select any nonprofit organization to receive the donated amount automatically.

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