Bing Webmaster Tools is integrating new features from the free-to-use tool ‘Microsoft Clarity’. Clarity enables the site owners to view what the visitors are doing on their website without interfering with visitor’s privacy. It displays how the website is used in the form of click & scroll heatmaps and has the capability to even replay the whole user session.


Bing Updated Its Logo And Rebranded as Microsoft Bing

clarity and webmaster site heatmaps
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Bing Webmaster Tools & Microsoft Clarity

Bing Webmaster Tools after the addition of new features from the Clarity, can now be used for SEM & SEO purposes along with website usability optimization and debugging. All you have to do is simply sign-in to Bing Webmaster Tools and there you will find an option to sign up for Clarity. Once done with the process of sign up then you will be able to use your Clarity JavaScript without even leaving Webmaster Tools.

Clarity JavaScript Tag
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Then after that tap on the show below button to go to Clarity and see your website’s recording and heatmaps. Checking in instantly might not show you much information as it takes time to gather data. There are many platforms like WordPress, Google Tag Manager, Shopify, and more where you can add your Clarity JavaScript tag. You can see the list below.

Install Clarity list
Image Source: Search Engine Journal


As of now the integration between Bing Webmaster Tools and Clarity is restricted to the flawless signup process. Microsoft does claim that further development will be coming out in a few months.

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