The online entertainment ticketing company BookMyShow recently acquired an audio and video on-demand platform Nfusion under cash transaction to bulid its audio entertainment business line.


Business ventures

BookMyShow has attempted to get along with Jukebox, an audio entertainment company, which offers users free music download after getting credits for booking movie .Now, the company is looking to expand its business the offering its users audio and video content whose technology responsibility will be taken care by Nfusion.


The Director’s statement

Parikshit Dar, the Director of BookMyShow said “We have already established our video-content vertical and are now excited to foray into audio entertainment through our offering `Jukebox’. The Nfusion team has brought with them immense experience, innovation capability as well as expertise in building and managing scalable tech solutions. With them and our music label partners, we look forward to offering the widest variety and possibly the best curated audio content to our users“.


The business operation undertaken

Shoaib GM Khan, Sivagurunathan S and Prabhakar Reddy founded Nfusion in 2009, it allows users to stream videos online. As part of the deal with BookMyShow, Shoaib will be heading Nfusion while Sivagurunathan will look after the development in BookMyShow.


BookMyShow’s other acquisitions 

Before acquiring Nfusion, BookMyShow has also acquitred Hyderabad based online movie ticketing platform MastiTickets, and Mumbai based local food recommendation engine Burrp. BookMyShow had also bought Chennai based online ticket platform TicketGreen, social media analytics start-up Eventifier and Chennai based FRM, Fantain Sports Pvt Ltd.

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