Build Up Your Facebook Ad Performance with Dynamic Creative

Advertisers are always trying to look for some creative routes and methods to improvise their ad campaigns and reap a higher ROI. Running multiple tests with ads boosts your performance and helps in learning better tactics of projecting ads.


About Dynamic Creative

It provides the advertisers with the privilege of having multiple creative elements in their Facebook campaigns to look after their performance among a certain group of viewers.


How does Dynamic Creative works?

Dynamic Creative is employed in creating a range of ad variations that will work according to the user’s chosen ad placements. The user can upload 10 images or videos with 5 different headlines, ad text variations, ad titles, link descriptions, and CTAs that will be best suitable for an enhanced as performance. Thus, there would not be any need of A/B testing as Facebook will be there to optimize the user’s required ads.

  • For using ‘Dynamic Creative’, go to ‘Ad Set’ level of as campaign and switch it on.                
  • Afterwards, go to ‘Ad’ level where you get to see a little button that will allow the user to add fields one by one near the text elements.                               



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