Facebook is working a lot on its ads. Bringing the Ad Transparency to users and improving the Ad Targeting Options, Facebook is about to introduce two new testing options that will make ad creation more traceable.


What is the first option?

The first option is split testing that will help the advertisers in gaining some data on different ad campaigns.

Facebook stated Creative assets are what make your ad stand out, so learning which creative performs best can help you reach more people and inspire them to take action. We’re launching creative split testing to making it easy for advertisers to A/B test different ad formats, visuals, headlines and calls to action to see which version drives the best results. Each person will only see one version of the ad in the split test, to ensure the most accurate results.”


The Role of A/B testing

With each test, advertisers will be able to segregate creative variables and then start with the test process providing the ads to the advertisers. For making creative ads, A/B testing has always been a choice and with an option in Facebook Ads Manager, this will facilitate the process.


What is the second option?

The other testing option that is being rolled out is ‘Test and Learn’ which will conduct the advertisers in deciding over the tests which will improve their focus objective. This was also the reason to merge Ads Manager and Power Editor.

Facebook stated “Test and Learn answers your toughest marketing questions and pinpoints the strategies that drive the best results for your business. Simply identify a question you want to answer, such as “Which campaign causes the lowest cost conversions to occur?” or “How many conversions are all my Facebook ads causing?” and Test and Learn will determine which test you should run to answer your question.”

Future prospects

Accountability will be the main focus to give a more detailed explanation of the real world ads to the advertisers. Facebook wants to prove their worth in the competitive world of Social Media.


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