After the speculations of Ad transparency by Twitter to give users the insight about any promotional content by the organizations, Facebook has also emphasised their over ad transparency after the political debacle during US elections.


What did Facebook say about their latest introduction?

“Starting next month, people will be able to click “View Ads” on a Page and view ads a Page is running, whether or not the person viewing is in the intended target audience for the ad. All Pages will be part of this effort, and we will require that all ads be associated with a Page as part of the ad creation process.”


How is the transparency going to be achieved?

Facebook is providing ‘View Ads’ option on their Pages. This tab will display all ads that are running on Facebook, Instagram & Messenger.

What is Facebook doing for Political Ads?

For the political ads, Facebook is providing an archive of ads that are run. It will also deeply focus on these kinds of ads along with total ad spend, impressions delivered and the reachability of ads. It is believed that such measures will help in removing “dark posts” that are targeted to some audience.


More on political ads

For posting a political ad, the advertisers have to go through some kind of verifications to move further with the ad promotion. They said “As part of the documentation process, advertisers may be required to identify that they are running election-related advertising and verify both their entity and location. Once verified, these advertisers will have to include a disclosure in their election-related ads, which reads: “Paid for by.” When you click on the disclosure, you will be able to see details about the advertiser.”


Latest Activities on other platforms

Twitter has announced the prohibition of ads from Russian Today and Sputnik accounts. Google has also conjugated with International Fact Checking Network (ICFN) to improve the righteousness of their search results.

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