After the blooming of Russian backed ads during U.S. Presidential Elections, Facebook is now coming up with another set of rules to control their ad content. Facebook’s ad battle is under continuation with its recent investigation of discovering 3,000 ads that have been purchased by Russian company.


5 New measures undertaken

  1. Transparent Advertising: No ad will be audience specific. Every user will be able to see even they are outside of the focus group. This is aware the user about any discriminatory or partial content. From the business point of view, the advertisers will be able to see their competition.
  2. Blocking the Inappropriate Ads: Facebook suggested “Reviewing ads means assessing not just the content of an ad, but the context in which it was bought and the intended audience – so we’re changing our ads review system to pay more attention to these signals. We’re also adding more than 1,000 people to our global ads review teams over the next year, and investing more in machine learning to better understand when to flag and take down ads. Enforcement is never perfect, but we will get better at finding and removing improper ads.”
  3. Scrutinizing Content: Facebook says that any content with “expression of violence” will be rejected. But, the debate over the point is that how can people manage when they are showing ads for a particular cause.
  4. Maintaining Authenticity: It has a direct impact on election-based advertising or political campaigns.
  5. Relying on Industry Standards: The social networking industry is going to establish some guidelines regarding its reach of ad content.
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