Facebook has specifically announced that advertisers can no longer target their ad campaigns based on a user’s employer or education.

Advertisers generally target discriminatory groups like “Jew Haters” or “Nazi Party” in their campaign promotions. Thus, Facebook is removing such targeting fields for good.


The Reason behind such a change


Many Facebook users have started using these annoying terms in their profiles like job title or education. And Facebook’s software produces these targeting options in its ad manager without any prior checking.


The Involvement of Advertisers

If this is B2B campaign, then they could turn out to be failures as these have to be targeting a strong business-focussed audience. Based on such targeting options, these B2B marketers can have negative results. But, advertisers with their campaigns that use targeting options such as employer or education are still present in the ad set.

How this impacts Facebook?

Facebook has given the guidelines to advertisers regarding the inappropriate contents which is more of a proactive approach and not likely to sustain for a longer time.

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