Facebook has been under a constant battle with fake or inappropriate content for a long time. With their no ad guidelines over fake news pages and asking a publisher logo to validate the pages, it has now announced its new norms regarding the misuse of their platform with fake content.


What Facebook has to say?

“At Facebook, we take very seriously our responsibility to earn and maintain the trust of our advertiser partners – and give them the confidence they need to invest in us. Which is why today, we’re introducing new monetization eligibility standards that will provide clearer guidance around the types of publishers and creators eligible to earn money on Facebook, and the kind of content that can be monetized.”


The Content Guidelines

Facebook has prepared a list of prohibited contents that they won’t allow for posting

  • Misappropriation of Children’s Character
  • Tragedy & conflict
  • Debated Social Issues
  • Violent Content
  • Adult Content
  • Explicit Content
  • Drugs & Alcohol Use
  • Prohibited Activity
  • Inappropriate LanguageBoost in Ad metrics

Facebook is seeking accreditation from Media Rating Council to boost their ad metrics while partnering with the third party like DoubleVerify to create and implement the content safety tools.

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