After Facebook’s strict measures against the fake content and blocking the static image video content, it has now decided to stop displaying ads on the pages that share the fake news.


What are the steps being taken up?

The company has involved outside fact-checkers like Snopes and AP to judge the correctness of the stories. When the story gets marked as a fake one, it will no longer be promoted through FB ads. They will also stop these Pages from purchasing any ad.


Previous controversy

Facebook was previously held responsible for spreading false news. Rob Leathern, the Product Director commented that the company is trying to bring down the falsity by ending the money influx to post such news, slow down the speed of its spreading and letting the people decide about the news’ validity.


Reason behind the spread of false news

It has been deduced by Facebook that the sole reason behind the posting of such information is to grab the audience.


Secrets withheld

Facebook is revealing the number of false links a page can share before getting blocked.


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