The powerful online content discovery tool, BuzzSumo has introduced a new feature- Question Analyzer to help in finding new content ideas from the perspective of the target market.

What is this ‘Question Analyzer’ tool?

This new tool helps in providing the required content by searching ‘hundreds of thousands of forums’ such as Quora or Amazon to provide the exact answer the people are seeking about.

What does BuzzSumo have to say?

“You can search by keyword across all sites or search any specific forum (eg or any subreddit. You can also filter by date, type of site, such as only e-commerce sites, or search a specific domain such as all questions asked about a product on”

How does this work?

  1. Move to Question Analyzer page.
  2. There are options to search using keywords, domain or subreddit built in. The search could narrow down to e-commerce sites and Q and A sites.
  3. After hitting the Search button, an array of content ideas are provided based on what people are searching.

The reaping benefits

The content given will provide new ideas from the point of the specific target market.

When used in combination with some research tools, you can check for yourself how these contents have been answered or performed and then help to prepare your content.

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