Clubhouse Announced Creator Accelerator Program For Support Broadcasters

There is a sudden growth in the audio social platform i.e ClubHouse. After the Twitter Space function, Clubhouse is increasing its efforts to make the platform more accessible to the users. It includes the support staff for the broadcasters so that there is always a running room in the app.

Apart from this, Clubhouse has announced a new Creator First Accelerator program. This will provide financial support and some expert insights to a selected group of creators. The clubhouse is making so much effort for its broadcaster so that they can earn maximum from the app only.


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Clubhouse Words

We are looking to support and equip 20 creators w/ resources they need to bring their ideas and creativity to life.

Updated Features Offered in Creator First Accelerator Program

  1. Link Sharing: After the program, users will be able to share a link to their favorite room on their bio or on the club.
  2. Language Filter: The platform has also enhanced its Room’s recommendations on the basis of the language they usually talk to.
  3. Invitation Through Phone Number: Users now can invite others by entering their phone numbers.

Further, Clubhouse has decided to remove the access of users’ phonebooks to invite others. In order to maintain privacy, the platform has stopped asking users
phonebook access.


As there is sudden growth towards audio social, Clubhouse wants to grab this opportunity as much as they can. Although, Clubhouse is the strongest and oldest audio social platform that has its own set of audience and community but in order to keep them theirs, Clubhouse needs to upgrade the app on the regular basis.

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