Captioned brings to you the magic of all in one. This iOS app allows the users to create a 60 second multimedia video that will be an amalgam of GIFs, video clips, and audio and convert it into a shareable one.


How the App works?

These videos, called Captions could be created through both library of GIFs or through the user’s visual content that he has produced through built-in camera. Then the video created is merged with the chosen audio clip making it a more entertaining piece in itself.


How this app would prove helpful?

This app could help the user in not only creating videos for fun. It can help in creating some news commentary or video meme with the custom audio.


What the owners had to say?

The co-founders Ian Ownbey and Jacob Thornton said “In 2017, people are expressing themselves with visual content like GIFs, memes, emoji, and videos. And this new and highly expressive media type is extremely engaging and fun to make, which is exciting to us,”


Providing an integration

This app that creates a video with different media could be shared on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With currently LinkedIn’s rage of adding videos, it has been successfully proved that videos create more social engagement on any platform.

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