DuckDuckGo recently receives backing up from Twitter CEO as it’s his favorite choice of search engines. DuckDuckGo being co-owned by somebody with the group of spectators of Dorsey may acquaint the specialty web crawler with individuals who may somehow not have found out about it.

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Tweet By Jack Dorsey:

DuckDuckGo Statistics For Searches Per Day

DuckDuckGo is currently handling 48 million searches per day now the data has increased up to 51 million or above which is record hitting mark. But it is very less than what Google handles.

DuckDuckGo Searches Per Day Statistics
DuckDuckGo Searches Per Day Statistics
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Findings From Studies:

According to a study, people are using DuckDucGo as an alternative search engine after Google. People tend to make it a default search engine.

Difference Between Google And DuckDuckGo:

  • DuckDuckGo maintains its privacy policy and doesn’t sell data to other parties. The company maintains its small user data interference.
  • Under tracking user activity, Google manages to alter its search results for the individual but DuckDuckGo cant.
  • The major criticism DuckDuckGo is facing is the search results are not relevant as Google’s.


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