Google reported a framework a year ago to introduce search options to Android clients upon device set-up. The subsequent “Android choice screen” presents three other options (and Google), using an auction to decide the particular contenders. and DuckDuckGo are available as choices in all the European markets, however, they vary somehow in other countries. They made a successful bid. Some contenders declined to bid, however, some criticized the auction by naming it as “pay to play”.

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New Choice Screen

DuckDuckGo came up with a report which states that Google will see a decline of around 20% in mobile marketing share because of different search choice screen designs. Google’s market share is around 95% currently. DuckDuckGo said it will decline by 20%, 22%, and 16% in US, UK, and Australia is the design recommended by DuckDuckGo is adopted.

New Choice Screen
Image Source – spreadprivacy

The investigation found that users were happy to look to take a gander at the whole rundown, regularly to find Google. DuckDuckGo clarifies the decision of Google didn’t depend upon situation, no matter on the main versatile screen or the last.

Market Competition

DuckDuckGo further said that by adopting its choice screen design without auction will automatically raise competion for Google and will increase the market share of its competitors. It also took Yandex as example, which in Russia is very good competitor of Google.

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In the event that DuckDuckGo’s discoveries are up to the mark, and if its choice screen were embraced, search advertisers may need to consider expanding their SEO and paid-search techniques past Google and Bing. In any case, it would be trying for any individual to riseabove a point or two — DuckDuckGo has under 2% share — and they may essentially be ignored.

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