Google updated its AMP testing too to test the valid Web Story format within the site.

Web Story Tester Tool

This tools help to check if the web stories are valid and helpful in troubleshooting issues. This tool can be found at the same location where AMP Validation Tool is found.

Web Story Tester Tool
Image Source – searchenginejournal

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Publishers can check both AMP and Web Story for validation in this input. There is no need for a separate tool for validating a Web Story now. As Web Story is a type of a subset of AMP, this is the reason for the Web Story validation tool existing with the AMP Validation tool.

Web Story Tester Tool
Image Source -Searhenginejournal

The above screenshot shows the Web Story Validation Result

Web Stories

Web Story is a subset Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP). It is an easy way for the site visitor or reviewer to consume content.

Google Calls This Snackable Content

Web stories have restricted measures of text content, can contain short videos, and furthermore highlight pictures that represent what the content is about.  An average utilization situation is somebody who is on a subway or in a rest area and needs to be in part occupied with content yet not focus on a long article. That is the reason it’s called snackable content since it’s intended to pass on data without submitting the reading to a long article. A reader can navigate to understand more in the event that they are interested in.

Not A Replacement of Traditional Content

Web stories are an extra method to connect with customers while additionally creating advertising profit. Rather than a swap for the traditional article position, Web Stories are progressively similar to an extra method to monetize existing content.

WordPress Plugin of Web Story

There is right now a WordPress plugin for making web stories. Anyway, the plugin is in Beta so it’s critical to remember that there might be shortcomings in the plugin itself.



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