After the introduction of ‘I’ button to identify fake news, Facebook has brought about the feature of animation on the profile picture of a user when some emoji reactions are clicked by his followers on his posts. This study has been a conjugated effort of both Facebook and Tel Aviv University who have used a single photo for these animated selfies.


GIFs and Animated Selfies

GIFs are such type of animations that uses short videos or sequence of still photos. But, these newly developed animated selfies uses a single photo which was not used before.

What’s the technology behind this?

The development team has built a kind of software that maps the facial expression on a chosen video and overlays it on still photo. It uses different facial markers and views the expression change in the video and then it tries to animate the photo like the video.

The exciting features

While animating a still photo, it could create different apps that can develop responsive photos on social media. Like if any user clicks the like reaction for a post, the image will get animated with a smile. This remains true for other emotions as well.


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