For creating a presence on Instagram, a regular post of quality visual content is required and if it is an image, it builds up 31% more engagement on the platform. But, a regular post of image is difficult for creators. The solution comes in the form of quote posts. Let us have a look on how to create a personal quote posts.


  1. List down your quotes


First make a list of all the quotes that needs to be shared. Take some hints from the previous post content to give an idea to the viewer about the type of blog. The name of the author is required as well.


  1. Add a Background Image

After creating a list of quotes, select a background image that goes well with the quote’s theme. Plenty of credit free photos are available from Pixabay. Designed images could also be used for background image.


  1. Apply a good image editing tool for texts

After the background image has been chosen, the text could be added and made attractive with some online editing tools like PromoRepublic. It lets the user to choose access background image and even provide suggestions on how to overlay the image. It even allows the user to publish the images on Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Finally, Brand & Publish!

After the quote has been the added along with the name of author, the user may brand with logo, URL or company name for the viewers to acknowledge the name.


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