Facebook introduces new ‘Dynamic Ads for Streaming’ which is created to assist video streaming brands to display relevant titles to users on Facebook so as to attract new sign-ups on the basis of their interests.

Dynamic Ads for Streaming
Image Source: Facebook


Facebook Analytics Will Be Down From 30 June

Explanation By Facebook

With Dynamic Ads for Streaming, when people see an ad for your service in their feed, they can swipe through the ad to see personalized, relevant titles they might be interested in, based on interests they’ve shown on Facebook and Instagram. Audiences can also follow your call to action to start a trial or subscribe.

This will let streaming video brands add the titles of the content hosted on their service within the campaign set-up process. Facebook will then further use the list as a prompt to target users who have shown interest by liking a related page or a fan page etc.

As Per Facebook

Once an advertiser uploads their content catalog to Facebook, the dynamic ads deliver personalized recommendations, giving people a similar personalized experience they’re used to seeing from their streaming services.

Facebook in order to attract new sign-ups will also show relevant titles to each user within this new ad offering. Facebook’s Dynamic Ad tools have been very responsive, with its systems now more focused on individual interests allowing marketers to target users on the basis of how they engage within the app. This new addition by Facebook also offers other Dynamic Ads options which might be relevant to your business. Check out Dynamic Ads for Streaming to learn more about it.

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