Facebook Adds New Safety Check & Live Video Improvements For Workplace


Facebook Workplace has seen a huge boost in growth with many businesses looking to set their processes around remote working amid the pandemic, with millions of users using the Facebook-for-business model to keep connected with their colleagues.


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Facebook, therefore, has announced some new upgrades for its professional platform, which also includes an updated Safety Check feature to stay keep the focus on employee safety and live video updates to provide more presenters in a stream.

Explanation By Facebook On Safety Check

Safety Center is an evolution of Safety Check that will provide increased functionality and a new UX to help organizations check on employee safety, manage communications during incidents or issue Travel Advisories to employees during the pandemic.

Safety Center
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As seen in the above examples, the new Safety Check will give a fast, easy way for the employees to check in during a crisis – which is crucial when you have various staff working in several locations. The replies are then showcased on the Workplace platform, giving out more transparency over the impacts.

Safety Check
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This will make it easier to track and monitor employee availability in various regions as impacted by the lockdowns and the COVID-19 reduction efforts, eliminating downtime in waiting for an email response. Along with this, the Workplace users will be able to run live video streams with several presenters.

“Enabling companies to share information and easily bring together different voices and internal or external speakers in one broadcast.”

Workplace video streams
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Workplace also introduced video Rooms and the ability to broadcast from desktop PCs or even from your home TV set. Streaming with several presenters on the main platform adds to these elements, therefore offering another way to connect and collaborate from multiple remote work stations. As more companies come on board, it might become a more huge enterprise player, providing a simple to use option for internal connection and productivity.

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