Facebook has declared a new look for Messenger, the company, therefore, highlighted most of the new features in a previous announcement that had been shown as part of the integration of Instagram Direct and Messenger connection.

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Messenger had added collaborative video viewing, Rooms, new personalized stickers, and color gradients in your threads which the company has announced already, but there are new features to note in the latest update. The main new feature that Facebook has introduced is the new Messenger logo with a color gradient tone.

Messenger Logo
Image Source: Social Media Today

Explanation By Messenger

Our new logo reflects a shift to the future of messaging, a more dynamic, fun, and integrated way to stay connected to the people you’re close to.

Facebook has also come up with new chat themes, ‘like love and tie-dye’ which are like custom backgrounds for your chats.

Custom backgrounds
Image Source: Social Media Today

Statement By Facebook

10 million people customize their conversations every day so we know that personalization is important when it comes to how you connect. Together with new delight features like selfie stickers and vanish mode that are coming soon, making your chats fun and personalized has never been easier

The usage of Messenger has shifted in 2020. Facebook back in the month of April noted that the number of Messenger video calls has been doubled amid the COVID-19 lockdowns. Basically, that is why Facebook added these new tools, still, the company is pushing to integrate all its messaging tools and introduce end-to-end encryption by default in every chat.


Overall, Messenger has evolved and clearly has transformed from a basic, SMS-style messaging app. Branding and advertising opportunities are where Facebook is limited though the company is working on that as well. It is worth considering the messaging opportunities and how each announcement aligns with your efforts.

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