Facebook with its new updates to Brand Safety and Intellectual Property tools now allows content creators to claim the rights of their content when shared by other pages. Facebook in terms of brand safety has announced an extension of its processes which will allow content right holders to make money from their content on Facebook, even if it is posted by another page.


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Explanation By Facebook

Now through Rights Manager, copyright owners can opt to claim and collect ad earnings on copyrighted content that is published by pages that meet our Community Standards and our partner monetization policies, and their content meets our content monetization policies.

To clear it out, this is not related to the pages reposting someone else’s content directly. As per the Facebook partner monetization rules, pages are allowed to monetize content that has been created by them or were a part in the creation of, or which features the creator directly, publisher, or a third-party provider. It is not created to get revenue claims on any video that features their music.

Statement By Facebook

Expansion of this ability gives publishing pages the opportunity to use content owned by someone else in a video they upload without it being taken down, while also expanding inventory for advertisers and providing people with compelling content that might otherwise be blocked due to copyright issues.

Facebook is also introducing new updates to its Commerce & Ads IP Tool, which will enable businesses to identify products selling on Facebook that violate their intellectual copyright. Facebook has added a new image search feature that will allow businesses to post an image of their products for matching against listings on Facebook.

Commerce and ads IP tool
Image Source: Social Media Today

The new process will showcase product listings that are similar to your uploaded image. Businesses then can report IP violations through the tool. As Facebook is working on expanding its eCommerce options it is indeed an important consideration.

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