Today, Facebook has launched its new page format for content creators and public figures. The new layout furnishes more managerial options along with engagement insights. This time company has more focused on following on a page rather than liking it.


Facebook Announces New Messenger Branding & Releases New Messaging Features

Comparison Between Old And New Page Layout

Comparison Between Old And New Page Layout
Image Credits: Social Media Today

In the above screenshot, it is clearly visible that the “Like” button has been removed from the page. The company gives more value to the “Follow” which includes the follower count. The profile image is also shifted from the left to the middle.

The removal of the “Like” button makes more sense as it is not as useful as a follow button. The “Follow” button is considered to be a more powerful index. This makes sure that the user is notified of new updates.

New Features Added To Facebook Page

1. Dedicated News Feed: With this new dedicated news feed, page managers now can see a new news feed that is different from the personal feed. In addition to this, Newsfeed for pages will now give ideas about other Pages, Public Figures, and Groups. Trending content will also be visible in the News Feed Section.

We are bringing the power of News Feed to Pages for the first time. Now Pages can discover and join conversations, follow trends, interact with peers and engage with fans.

Comments By Public Figures Are On Top On The Page News Feed
Image Credits: Facebook

To make pages more engaging, comments from content creators, public figures will come on the top of the comment section.
2. Painless Account Switching: The company has constructed a switcher for the admins so that they can easily navigate from a personal account to their page and vice-versa. The switch button is present on the left-hand side bottom three-line icon on the main navigation bar.

Switch Button For Page And Personal Account
Image Credits: Facebook

3. Better Page Management Tools: For the first time, Facebook has launched task-based controls. Now admins will be able to give access to manage tasks to different people.

Assigning Task By The Admin
Image Credits: Facebook

4. Actionable Insights: The company is trying to cultivate more important insights into the pages. This will also add some more and necessary notifications as well.

Facebook Help Page States

Updated insights will help you understand your audience and how your content performs.

5. Safety Features: The company is trying its best to detect the content which are violating their policies. The content includes some hate speech, violent or spammy content, etc. To indulge more transparency on the platform, the company is making blue tick more visible to the users.

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