After introducing Messenger Streaks, this time Facebook brings something for the worrisome parents. For them, Facebook is creating a safer internet space for all the pre-teens that will give more control to parents on their kids’ connections.  Available on iOS, Messenger Kids allow the kids to text, video chat or share with their friends or family.


How will this help the parents?

Since children are allowed to use mobile phones and tablets, the parents will get to have complete control over their conversation and children can use all the features to its full advantage.


How the app basically works?

Parents will be in-charge of approving contacts to video chat through a Kids control panel present in their Facebook app. The contacts that have been approved by the parents will be displayed on the home screen that will also show that whether they are online or not.


More on the features

Kids can send messages, videos or images to their friends or relatives that have been approved by the parents. Along with this, they are able to receive the messages through their Messenger app. Kids cannot add anyone but they can block any person they want to. Any kind of misuse or mishap can be reported by parents or children to Facebook which will be notified to them on further enquiry.


What’s the catch?

For the children to get connected through the app, parents of both the parties will approve their connection. This will give the parents control over the contact list. But, on getting connected they can decorate the conversation through emojis, images, GIFs etc. Parents can download the app in iPad, iPhone or iPod which will be authenticated through their Facebook account details

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