From this month onwards Facebook is releasing some of its updates regarding video view metrics. The most crucial change is the removal of 10-second video view metrics.

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Facebook Words:

Facebook Words On Changing Of Ad Metrics
Facebook Words On Changing Of Ad Metrics

Image Source: Social Media Today

Renaming of Existing Video Metrics:

   OLD VIDEO METRIC NAME                                                NEW VIDEO MATRIC NAME

  • Unique 2-second Continuous Video Views                       Unique 2-second Continuous Video Plays
  • 2-second Continuous Video Views                                      2-second Continuous Video Plays
  • Cost Per 2-second Continuous Video Views                     Cost Per 2-second Continuous Video Plays
  • 3-second Video Views                                                            3-second Video Plays
  • Cost Per 3-second Video Views                                            Cost Per 3-second Video Plays
  • Video Watches At 25%                                                           Video Plays At 25%
  • Video Watches At 50%                                                           Video Plays At 50%
  • Video Watches At 75%                                                            Video Plays At 75%
  • Video Watches At 90%                                                            Video Plays At 90%
  • Video Watches At 100%                                                          Video Plays At 100%
  • Video Average Watch Time                                                    Video Average Play Time


There is no change beyond the titles of the video metrics. These changes will not cause any major issues. As it is totally dependent on how the user Facebook Video Metrics. Facebook wants to make sure the fact that if people are watching your videos then that they are screening too.





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