Facebook Guidelines On How To Run Political Ads


Political ads have created a lot of debacle in the past during the time of presidential elections in the US. Now advertisers are allowed to run the political ads pertaining to elections and issues but on the basis of conditions where the advertiser has to agree over the laws and authorization process put down by the Facebook.

Which ads would have to follow such rules?

The election-related ads that target a particular candidate and country have to go through the authorization process. The categorization of such ads would depend on:

  • If the ad is about any current or former candidate of the public office. A political party, political action committee or the advocates
  • If the ads talk about any election, referendum, ballot initiative, election campaigns
  • Relates to the national legislative issue of the place where the ad will run.
  • The political advertising

What limitations are barred from the political ads?

The ads running have to follow the applicable rules but need not to look at the following limitations while advertising.

  • Disclaimer, disclosure and ad labelling
  • Blackout period
  • Foreign interference
  • Spending limits
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