Facebook has announced its new regulations that will now define how many ads each can run at the same time. Facebook states that it will help improve and maximize the performance of the ad.

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Explanation By Facebook

“When an advertiser runs too many ads at once, each ad delivers less often. This means that fewer ads exit the learning phase, and more budget is spent before the delivery system can optimize performance.”

The ‘learning phase’ here refers to the period within which the ad system of Facebook is ‘learning’ how to improve your ad performance on the basis of who your ad is displayed to, how do they react, and how that works for your campaign goals.

Learning Phase

“During the learning phase, the delivery system is exploring the best way to deliver your ad set – so performance is less stable and cost-per-action (CPA) is usually worse. The learning phase occurs when you create a new ad or ad set or make a significant edit to an existing one.”

Basically, users will have to run Facebook ads for a certain period of time so as to see the results and Facebook says that many promotions never get that chance when advertisers run a lot of ads simultaneously.

“We discovered that four in ten running ads fail to exit the learning phase, and many of these ads come from advertisers running too many ads at the same time. For this reason, we’re implementing a limit on the number of ads each Page can run at once.”

Facebook’s customization options and limitless ad targeting offer huge advantages, but it can be attractive to keep on tinker with the details the time you get the results particularly if you are running a lot of ad types. This is problematic as per Facebook’s data, that is why the company is applying new limits on how many ads users can run at a time.

Here Are The Limits

Facebook Ad Limits
Image Source: Social Media Today

As you can see even the small advertisers can run 250 ads at once, which to me is a lot, particularly considering the spending thresholds. These new limits will be implemented from February 2021, so you still have much time to refine your ads to fulfill the above thresholds. Advertisers can see when their ad limit will be in effect within Ads Manager.


In a few ways, it seems kind of weird to see Facebook limiting the ad spend, that means if you are ready to spend the money they should just let you do it. But again poor results not at all reflect well on Facebook overall as an ad platform. Here’s more to know about Facebook’s coming ad limits.


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