Facebook is increasing its safety controls for advertisers in order to give them a free hand on how their brand be to look at the network. With this, advertisers are now able to block publishers so that their ads are not being served to them.

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New Feature Rolled Out In Safety:

  • Account Level Setting:

Advertisers can now get delivery reports and create a block list at an account level. Moreover, advertisers are able to set inventory filters at the account level itself.

  • Whitelist Of Publishers:

For audience network and in-stream ads, Facebook is doing a test on publishers’ white list. This feature will expand immensely in the next year.

  • Content Tool:

A content-level whitelisting tool for advertisers working with Integral Ad Science, OpenSlate, and Zefr.

  • Better Delivery Reports:

With account ID or publisher, advertisers will be able to search delivery reports before downloading them. Soon Google will also add content level information into this report.

  • Collaboration With Zefr:

Zefr is the new brand safety control for Facebook which means they will play a key role in making future safety controls for Facebook.


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