Facebook is warning its advertisers to see the major impact due to the upcoming Apple’s IDFA in-app data tracking process. Because of this, Audience Network Partners are going to have huge losses.

Apple’s IDFA changes will pop-up in-app alerts for the users to choose the data tracking within the app. Many advertisers are expecting that people will choose the opt-out feature. This will result in lesser data for targeting the ads. Last year in the month of August, Facebook has expected that its audience partners will lose near about 50% of revenue.


Facebook Announces New Messenger Branding & Releases New Messaging Features

In order to curb its Audience Network Partners, Facebook has introduced a new mini-site to have alternative ad options and tools to use.

Explanation By Facebook

The world of app monetization is changing faster than ever. From the rise of app bidding to the importance of using a hybrid monetization strategy, it’s essential to stay on top of the latest trends in app business growth.

From information about growing your user base to using a hybrid monetization model, the site has expansive resources and will be updated frequently to help you stay on top of monetization trends.

The new mini-site will give some tips and other resources to the advertisers without hampering the user experience. As Apple’s IDFA changes will lower the in-app data available for the advertisers, Hybrid monetization is the main aim for Facebook.

Facebook's Audience Network Partner
Image Credits: Facebook

The new platform will have a whole new gaming app monetization. It will also include some case studies and guides as well as app development. Facebook is trying to help app developers with these resources so that they could change their strategies.

Further Facebook Says

The future of monetization is bidding, and here you’ll find information on what bidding is and how you can integrate it in your app business. Note that all Audience Network publishers are required to migrate their iOS apps to bidding by March 31.


As for now, no one knows the actual impact of Apple’s IDFA changes, but Facebook is trying to take all the necessary precautions. The new platform is just a single step from many, but social media networks are against Apple’s update and will fight till the last.

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