Facebook has come with another push notification to help the government. The main motive of push notifications is to motivate users for taking up the Covid-19 vaccine. When the user is eligible to take up the vaccine, Facebook itself will prompt the notification regarding this on their news feed.


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Push Notification Of Covid-19 Vaccine In News Feeds
Image Credits: Facebook

In the above example, it is clearly visible that once the vaccine is available in your region, Facebook itself will bring this notification up in your news feeds. This will help in increasing the awareness of the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Facebook will prompt notification on the basis of the government guidelines on how a particular person of a particular age can get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Facebook Further Says

Just as we ran state-specific notifications in News Feed about registering to vote and voting by mail ahead of each state’s deadlines, we’re tailoring COVID-19 vaccine notifications to coincide with each state opening their eligibility to all adults so we don’t promote vaccines before everyone is eligible. We are ultimately rolling out these notifications nationally across the US and globally as more countries expand vaccinations.

Areas Having Covid-19 Prompt

  • Alaska
  • Mississippi
  • Texas
  • Utah
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