Facebook & Instagram Messaging Comes With Some New Features

Instagram DMs and Facebook Messenger have added some new expressive features. These features will help users to communicate with each other in a better way.

The new features have come with new themes and able to reply to the message through photo or video.


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Facebook Messenger Features

A. Archives Chat

Users of Facebook Messenger will be able to clean their chat box without deleting the chats and losing the message history.

Through this, users can have inactive chats as well in their chat box for future reference. When you swipe left from the inbox screen then the archive feature will come. By clicking on the purple button will transfer the chat to the new Archived Chats folder.

B. Record Button

Audio messaging is now available like a hands-free feature in Messenger. Now, users just have to tap once for audio recording and tap again to stop the recording.

The record button will come to the Instagram DMs as well but currently, it is present in Facebook Messenger.

C. New Themes

Facebook Messenger is now loaded with some more themes in it. From the chat theme menu, users can select two new themes which are: Star Wars and Netflix’s Selena.

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