With a lot of students coming back to school in digital form in opposition to the regular classroom, Facebook has introduced a new way to help improve digital literacy and ensure users safety when logged into their online lessons.

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Explanation By Facebook 

“We understand back-to-school looks different this year due to COVID-19, and parents, teachers and students around the world are facing a myriad of challenges, from remote teaching and learning, balancing work and home responsibilities, and most importantly, maintaining the safety and well-being of everyone involved. Get Digital, our digital citizenship and wellbeing program, provides schools and families with lesson plans and activities to help build the core competencies and skills young people need to navigate the digital world in safe ways.”

This new program has its own new mini website, provides a set of courses on several elements of digital connection, having dedicated sections for parents, teachers, and students.

Get Digital
Image Source: Social Media Today

Along with this Facebook will host a series of live events in the month of September to offer guidance and support for young people, focusing on key concerns. The first session was on the mental health issues in young users, with added resources and assistance from the JED Foundation. Almost the resources on the new Get Digital platform are the same as those on Facebook’s Parents Portal hub but with more dedication towards literacy and digital learning.


This could be a new transformative shift. Considering the current scenario, students logging in online due to COVID-19 restrictions, a lot of schools and businesses are in favor of home learning, which might lead to the evolution of these tools. Digital literacy must be in every school and Facebook’s resources could be the best safe use of various online resources.

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