Facebook has declared a set of updates for its Messenger Rooms video hangout option, a new range of custom backgrounds, and improved ways to connect and categorize your Rooms to help you keep your video meet-ups organized. Out of all the main addition by Facebook is the custom backgrounds.

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Explanation By Facebook

“In addition to Messenger’s AR effects, like immersive 360-degree backgrounds and mood lighting filters, we are starting to roll out a new way to personalize your room and video chats on mobile. We are introducing the ability to customize your background with your own photos so you can now video chat from your favorite sunset. You could even customize your background with a funny home video.”

Facebook Messenger Rooms Custom Background
Image Source: Social Media Today

Facebook introduced a new collection of preset, some “mood lighting” and 360 background features for the video calls back in the month of April, as a part of the launch of Messenger Rooms. But these new tools will give users creative ways to upgrade their own Rooms. That is similar to many other video chat tools that are offering- For example on Zoom, users have the option to change their background, with this some have turned their background in some sort of art, with interactive and creative displays.

Considering many of the users are still working from home, the video chats have now become the best means of self-expression, which makes sense for Facebook to introduce this option. Not only this Facebook is also adding new ways to connect and discover Messenger Rooms, including:

  • Discover Rooms – Rooms that you’ve been invited to will now show up at the top of your Chats tab in your Inbox
  • Create Rooms – The ability to create a room is now front and center in your Chats tab
  • Edit Rooms – You can create a room with a default, suggested or custom activity, set a future start date and customize your audience selection
  • Manage Rooms – View, join, and edit the rooms that you’ve created. You can also invite more people to a scheduled room and delete a room you don’t want to be active anymore
  • Share Rooms – Send notifications to ensure your invited friends don’t miss out

Messenger Rooms Update
Image Source: Social Media Today

These features will make the Rooms more manageable and accessible. These new Rooms tools are now available to use.

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