In order to maximize your Facebook ads performance, you have to put in the time and try out various audience targeting options and create certain creative elements so as to see which ones more beneficial. To help out users with this, Facebook added an Experiment section to Ads Manager, which will display all the Facebook ads tests and results in one place. It will make it easier for you to keep track and evaluate your variables and make changes for better results.

Explanation By Facebook

Explanation By Facebook
Image Source: Social Media Today

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Functionally, experimentation does not add much, But according to Facebook by merging your various testing options in place will help you choose the right tests for your campaign. Every test option has a gray “i” to it so you can have for more information about what you are testing along with a learn more option button.

More Information
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When you click on a test, you are provided with more informational pop-ups to help guide your way.

Test Details
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The only way to receive good results from your Facebook ads is to do an experiment, to separate and then to test several times. This is the most important way for any successful Facebook ads program. Little changes can make a big difference, different CTA, distinct images each of these elements matters a lot but the only way you will get to know how much, is by testing. It will be easier to do this with the use of Experimentation and it is advised to all the advertisers to consider it.

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