Facebook has introduced some new measurement options in Ads Manager. It includes cross-account reporting and custom metrics.

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Cross Account Reporting

When an advertiser is dealing with numerous Facebook advertisement accounts, the advertiser will have the option to get a more clear, by and large perspective on promotion execution, all inside the Ad Manager dashboard, rather than extricating the information for each record.


Cross Accounts Reporting
Cross Accounts Reporting
Image Source: Social Media Today

Custom Metrics Option

The custom metric option will enable advertisers to build the metric formulas of most relevance to their goals, then save them for ongoing tracking. This tool is more dedicated to those advertisers who want specific insights for their ad performance.


Create Custom Metric
Create a Custom Metric
Image Source: Social Media Today


  •  It helps you in making decisions with more data in hand.
  • Streamlining advertisers Ad management process.
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