Facebook is under the process of testing a new option to share your Facebook story to Instagram in the send settings which will help users to maintain activity on both the platforms and increase your stories reach.

Facebook Is Experimenting A New Feature To Cross-Post Facebook Stories To Instagram
Image Source: Social Media Today

This option will be displayed in the visibility option of your Facebook stories with a small toggle to turn on cross-posting of Facebook stories to Instagram. Platform icons will be shown on the ‘share to story’ button reflecting that it will be shared with both.

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Facebook in a way is always on the move to make it easier for users to share moments with other people. This new option will benefit users in sharing story content quickly but users should check carefully while cross-posting as sometimes your frames may not look the same on both the apps. Various tools and polls might have different formats. For example, Initially, the swipe ups link like on Instagram did not work on Facebook so while cross-posting users would not be able to swipe up.


Facebook states that stories are the future, it might overcome the news feed by becoming the main social sharing surface as stories are where people feel more comfortable sharing. The fact that the coming generation will make more use of stories over newsfeed, various social media platforms like Linkedin and Twitter are launching their own version of stories option.

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