Facebook had made chaos in the various platforms by declaring not checking the fact regarding political ads. facebook was in a limelight after giving this statement.

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According to The Wall Street Journal:

The Wall Street Journal Saying On Facebook
The Wall Street Journal Saying On Facebook
Image Source: Social Media Today

Reason For Amendment:

Facebook is changing its policy due to the announcement by Google on limiting target options for political ads. Google declared that it will evacuate Customer Match focusing as a possibility for political engagement, which will expel the limit with regards to such battles to transfer their very own arrangements of messages and additionally telephone numbers and afterward have Google’s frameworks coordinate them with significant online profiles.

CNN Report:

CNN Report
CNN Report
Image Source: Social Media Today

Available Options:

It seems like Facebook has the various options of running political ads if they don’t want to ban. Facebook simply chooses a way through which they can run political ads but within the boundary of the regulatory rules. If Facebook doesn’t bring something then it might become a serious headache for the company.

Penalities and Rules:

If facebook is staying at the same stance then it would create a big problem for the company as they will be penalized. Moreover, other platforms and facebook will come under great trouble pf how they are running their ads without following the rules which bring impact on whole social media platforms.

Official Statement:

There is nothing from Facebook but it is assuming that the company will change its policy for political ads in the coming months.



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