Only 27 days are lest in US Presidential Election, to which Facebook has updated its election preparedness tools which includes new prompts on the ballot counting process and the activation of its Elections Operations Center.

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Facebook Announced:

When polls close, we will run a notification at the top of Facebook and Instagram and apply labels to candidates’ posts directing people to the Voting Information Center for more information about the vote-counting process.

Facebook Is Preparing Hard For Election Day 1
Image Source – Facebook

In the past few months, the signs are shown by President Trump by refusing the peaceful transfer of power is will be losing votes. Facebook is worried if the President uses its massive social media power to declare victory and invalidate the official results.

Facebook Said:

If a candidate or party declares premature victory before a race is called by major media outlets, we will add more specific information in the notifications that counting is still in progress and no winner has been determined.

As we noted earlier this month, we are attaching an informational label to content that discusses issues of legitimacy of the election or claims that lawful methods of voting like mail-in ballots will lead to fraud. This label provides reliable information about the integrity of the election and voting methods.

Projected Winner Contested Notifications
Image Source – Facebook

Additional Updates

Facebook is also banning all the posts and comments which is made to divert the voters mind. The post which contains poll watching is also banned.

As Per Facebook:

Since 2016, we’ve built an advanced system combining people and technology to review the billions of pieces of content that are posted to our platform every day. State-of-the-art AI systems flag content that may violate our policies, users report content to us they believe is questionable and our own teams review content. We’ve also been building a parallel viral content review system to flag posts that may be going viral – no matter what type of content it is – as an additional safety net. This helps us catch content that our traditional systems may not pick up.

More On This

Facebook is saying it has done the best, to prevent all the failing act in any event  but the approach made by Facebook to political ads is still questionable

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