Facebook has decided to make it easier for the public to join and explore the discussion in users’ news feeds. Facebook will start the testing in a few months and once it will start, users will the relevant Group discussion when there will be any post upload or link upload in the news feed.

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Groups Tab

The Group Tab will now move to surface content from public groups, connected to users’ interests. This tab will also make it easier for the users to find and join the groups they want easily. Users can also interact with the public group content without even joining the particular group.

New and Updated Tools

More the 1.8 billion users engage in Facebook Groups every month and more than 10 million people are active in Facebook communities. This making it easier and efficient for the admins to manage the communities.

According to Facebook

Admins are at the heart of every community, whether they are Public or Private. In fact, there are more than 70 million people involved in building and running Facebook groups active in the past month.

  • Admin Assist: Set rules so Facebook can help moderate posts in your group for you. For example, you can decline posts with certain keywords or from people who haven’t been in the group very long or whose posts have been reported in the past. 
  • New Topics: Organize content by topic with hashtags and pin a topic to the top of the group to highlight it for everyone. 
  • Branded Content for Public Groups: Use the Brand Collabs Manager to make money from your Public groups by connecting with brands looking to promote their products and services.
  • Community Management Certification: Take an online course on how to build, grow and support your communities through a set curriculum and exam.


Screenshot of Admin Assist
Image Source – Facebook

Screenshot of Topics in Group
Image Source – Facebook

New Features For Group Engagement

Facebook has updated many features to encourage group engagement.

Updates Mentioned By Facebook

These new group features will help you spark discussions.

  • Chats: Create and join real-time conversations within a group.
  • Prompts: Start conversations with a new type of collaborative post where you can share photos about a specific topic and swipe through everyone’s responses.
  • Q&A: Admins can host text-based question-and-answer sessions that are easy for the community to participate in.
  • Customize your profile in groups: Change the way you show up in different groups by setting a custom profile photo and sharing info that’s relevant to each community.

Screenshot of Q&A in a Group
Source – Facebook

Screenshot of Prompts in a Group
Source – Facebook

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