Facebook is broadening its values for community standards- The blog post is all about what is allowed and what is not allowed over facebook. As Facebook is introducing new Products, Features & Services, their community standards have also become high. Facebook focuses on Authenticity, safety, and privacy in building community standards to help people to understand, what they want over Facebook mentioning below:



The facebook standard community want to make facebook a place, where they can bring the world closer and everyone can share their opinion, broaden views, idea info, etc.  people can discuss about an issue which matters them even if few may disagree. In some cases, facebook allows the content which does not follow their standards if it is correct and in public interest and they rely on International Human Standards To make final decisions.


In order to take a few things in concern, Facebook Limits Expression in the following values:

  • Accuracy: The content shared over facebook should be accurate.
  • SafetyFacebook is focused on making the platform a reliable place. Things threaten people is not allowed on Facebook.
  • Confidentiality: Facebook is committed to making user’s personal info protected which led people to share freely their content and info and connects with new people easily.
  • Worthiness: Facebook Treats all as equal in terms of dignity and rights and expect the same with us and not to tease or humiliate others.


Facebook standards applied to everyone across the globe & over each type of content. Facebook works hard to make its policies consistently fair to people.


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