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Facebook is completing up with their Account Kit function next year, feature developers could embed into the app to allow users to register and login over other apps using the only phone no. or email.


Access to the Account Kit ended for new apps on September 9. For developers who already have the Account Kit integrated into their existing apps, the function will cease to exist on March 9, 2020. Any app developers using the Account Kit will have until June 9, 2020, to retrieve user data collected via the Account Kit function.


For New Apps, Account kit access ended on September 9 & the developers, who already integrated their kit, the function will finish existing on 9 March 2020. Any developer using the kit will have to retrieve user data collected by the kit function until June 9, 2020.


Why we should care?


This gives marketers an easy way to login to other platforms just by entering their phone no. or email address with the best advantage to increase app engagement. But this might be the case that such feature brings user’s info might be at risk.


A Major Responsibility for Facebook

By removing the password feature, Facebook takes the responsibility to how user info has been managed and gearing up his privacy measures. Marketers will now have to opt for a new method of registrations and logins. They also have to find new ways to collect user info. they access via account kit function. Account Kit function is no more separate from facebook login function for developers, a feature which allows users to log in to an app using their Facebook login and gives app developers the ability to access user data via the app.



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