Facebook Is Working To Introduce A New Desktop Design For All Users


Before the spring season, Facebook has a plan to launch its new desktop design for all users across the world. The new design is the same as it was talked about last year in April which also implies that the design is in testing mode for around 1 long year.

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Current Situation

New desktop design is currently available to limited users. Facebook has granted this access on an invite basis. According to the company, the new design soon available for all the users.

Expectation From New Design

The company says the new design as “fresh, simple Facebook.” It makes things simpler to do on the platform for the users. Key changes to be noticed:

  • Options for dark mode and light mode
  • Decreased 1 column and makes it cleaner
  • Facebook Stories front and center
  • Navigation menu similar to like Mobile app


Facebook New Desktop Design
Facebook New Desktop Design
Image Source: Search Engine journal


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