Facebook has launched a new legal action, in partnership with Gucci, over the sale of counterfeit goods on its platforms, which is a crucial step in its enhancing eCommerce business.


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Explanation By Facebook

Facebook, Inc. and Gucci America, Inc. sued an individual in the United States District Court, Northern District of California for breach of Facebook and Instagram’s Terms and infringement of Gucci’s intellectual property rights. Specifically, the defendant used multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts to evade Facebook’s enforcement efforts and continue to promote the sale of counterfeit Gucci products.

Facebook states that its terms and conditions on both Instagram and Facebook prohibit IP infringement, including promotion or sale of counterfeit products.

As per Facebook

Consistent with these terms, Facebook and Instagram have implemented robust IP protection measures including a global notice-and-takedown program, a robust repeat infringement policy and additional measures.

This is the first time that Facebook has integrated on legal action and is the latest in expanded legal enforcement efforts to counter in-app crime and abuse. Facebook recently introduced an update to its Commerce & Ads IP Tool, which allows businesses to post an image of their products for matching it against Instagram and Facebook content so as to find counterfeit listings.

Facebook Brand Safety
Image Source: Facebook


This will offer more ways for brands to safeguard their IP on the platform, and this new legal action will help Facebook make a clear legal example for punishment over same platform misuse.

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