Facebook Ads decided to over its 28-day attribution window option. Now the longest attribution window will be of 7 days. This change will start from October 12, till then al the data will be available. Facebook also said to download all the data until that day.

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According to Facebook:

“Upcoming digital privacy initiatives affecting multiple browsers will limit business’s ability to measure people’s interactions across domains and devices. Among those limitations is the ability for businesses to attribute conversion events back to an ad over longer attribution windows.” – Facebook’s official announcement

Source – Searchenginejournal

The email also has some more information for future changes which point towards the removal of the third-part cookie in the coming two years. This means that the advertising will be “resident” for privacy and browser changes.

28-day Attribution Role

Facebook automatically makes a 28-day attribution model, until they make it to 7-day or 1-day. Standard attribution i.e. 28-day attribution model will affect future results. Advertisers can check their result thought “compare windows”.

28 day attribution role
Image Source – Searchenginejournal

Facebook Ads API

API will continue with 28 day-attribution till the official browser limitations, which means it will not affect API from October 12th. Facebook is believing the 7-day model to be real and with a good impact on ads

Privacy Ads

Advertisers have started to experience the loss of search queries from Google Ads, which is making them think about the future of the paid ads. Many are noticing Facebook with a zoomed view, as their history of issues surrounding privacy measures have been the most visible to the public.

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